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      • Cashless

        • Hype'O Dream is this year again fully cashless! Buy your 'Food and drink' coins here!

        • Some of the benefits of a cashless event:

        • Whilst this may be a new concept to some, there are many benefits of a event going cashless that can be passed onto our customers.

          • Due to the many moving parts at a live event, cashless payments is now recognised as the global best practice at events around the world.
          • Cashless payments make your event experience easier, faster and safer.
          • Load your wristband from the get go (online beforehand or when you arrive at the event), no need to keep your cash or credit card in a tent or locker – your funds are on your wristband, attached to you at all times, making it hassle-free all the time.
          • It makes service at the bars and vendors much faster and reduces queues.
          • If you don’t spend all of the money loaded onto your wristband, you can apply for a refund from July 22nd until August 4th if you have registered an online account.
        • 7 Quick Answers Guide:

          1. You can place money on your wristband before the event, by creating your own personal registered cashless account online (which we would recommend). You can also do this during the event with Payconiq or at our designated top-up stations using your credit/debit cards.
          2. If you do not wish to register an account, you will still be able to reclaim 100% of your unspent balance by visiting this website and logging your details from July 20nd 11AM until August 2th 11AM.
          3. All our bars, food and drink stalls, merchants, artisans and other services within the event arena and campsites will only be using our cashless system, and will not accept cash as payment.
          4. If attending as a family group or couple, you can manage all your wristbands from just one personal registered online account, once you have registered your own, and your family’s tickets.
          5. A full account history of your wristbands transactions at the event is available to view at any time, on your registered cashless online account.
          6. If your wristband is lost or stolen, and you have registered for your online cashless account, we can block the lost or stolen wristband, and transfer all of your unspent money onto a new wristband for you. If you have not registered, then we are unable to either block the lost wristband or transfer the money that may have been on it. Please ensure you register your tickets on the cashless online account and keep your wristbands safe.
          7. At any of the Hype’O Dream bars, food and drink stalls, merchants, and other services within the event arena and campsites, you are able to check the remaining balance on your wristband, both before and after each transaction. You can also check your balance on your phone by logging-in to your cashless account (if you have one).