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Where can I buy tickets?

Online tickets are on sale in the ticket shop.

Hard tickets are available in the official presale points.

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What are the festival’s opening hours?

From 12PM until 1AM

Where is the main entrance?

The main entrance is in Hippodroomstraat, Waregem.

Where can I park my car?

Parking at Waregem expo, Verbindingsweg, Expressway. VIP-parking is located at parking “Jeugdcentrum” (Zuiderlaan nr.46). There will be a shuttle service (one way only).

Is there a bike parking?

Yes, a bike parking will be organized in the Hippodroomstraat next to the festival entrance

How can I buy drink/food vouchers?

All the consumptions need to be paid with tokens. Get your tokens at the token desks at the festival site (we accept bancontact and cash). Buy your tokens online and get up to 15% discount! We do not refund unused tokens.

Once I leave the festival premises can I get back in later?

The rule IN=IN and OUT=OUT applies. There will be no exception to this rule.

What is the minimum age?

You need to be at least 16 to enter Hype-O-Dream, even if accompanied by an adult. However people born in 2002 will be granted access even if they turn 16 after the festival. Anyone who turns 16 in 2018 is allowed.

What about security and first aid on the premises?

A professional security team will be present at all times. In case of emergency please follow their instructions carefully. There will be a Red Cross station on the festival ground. The exact location will be clearly marked.

Can I find lockers at the festival site?

There will be lockers available at the festival ground (see floorplan for exact location). The principle first come first serve applies. The charge is 7€.

What about earplugs?

Protect your ears! Earplugs will be available free of charge by “de Tuut van Tegenwoordig”. (Next to the EHBO)

Will there be parking/toilets for disabled people?

There will be a disabled parking close to the entrance (corner Damweg/Zuiderlaan). You are allowed to park after showing your personal “disabled person parking permit”. There will be a disabled person toilet in every toilet area.

House rules

If you enter Hype-O-Dream you declare to agree with the following house rules:

  • We comply to a zero tolerance policy concerning drugs and aggression. At the festival entrance there will be a search for weapons, drugs and other forbidden objects. Non-compliance with our zero tolerance policy will result in removal from the festival ground.
  • IN = IN and OUT = OUT. Once you leave the festival site you will need a new ticket to re-enter. If Hype-O-Dream is sold out you will not be able to buy another ticket
  • You are not allowed to swim or enter the water
  • It is not allowed to smoke in closed areas (tents). Only outdoors
  • Minimum age is 16 (birth year 2002). Make sure you carry your ID card with you at all times
  • Minimum age for alcoholic drinks is 16
  • Minimum age for liquor drinks and cocktails is 18
  • The organization will not take back any food/drink tickets
  • Visitors enter the festival ground at their own risk. The organization is not responsible for any kind of damage, both physically and mentally
  • The organization is not responsible for theft. Be careful what you do with your personal belongings
  • Deliberately damaging or stealing Hype-O-Dream’s or other property is prohibited
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival site with the following items : own food or drinks, drugs, fireworks, fire- and stabbing weapons, glass, spray-cans or other dangerous objects. You may get a body search by the security staff. Infringement will be penalized. Access will be denied and the local authorities will be alerted if necessary
    • After 23H00 the organization has the right to close the entrance and decline visitors. Even if you have a valid ticket you might not be granted access to the festival ground
    • When you enter Hype-O-Dream, you automatically agree to the possibility that you might get filmed or photographed during the festival. These images will be registered or stored and can be used by the organization to promote the event
    • Visitors of the festival have to be properly dressed. A football jersey and/or discriminating clothes are not allowed.

    If a violation to these rules is identified, access will be denied permanently and the organization will notify the Police authorities.