• 21 June 2023
      • By train to Hype'O Dream!

      • 190905 NMBS BE feature 1400x820
        • Travel smoothly and sustainably and come by train. Hype'O Dream and the campsite are only a 10-minute walk from the Waregem train station.

          Planning to go back at night? With a night train ticket, you don't need to miss any of Hype'O Dream. The night train will be available after the festival in the night of Saturday 15 July and stops at the following train stations:

          • Harelbeke
          • Kortrijk
          • Bissegem
          • Wevelgem
          • Menen
          • Wervik
          • Komen
          • Ieper
          • Poperinge

          Buy your night train ticket here. To travel to Hype'O Dream you need a regular train ticket.

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