• Practical

    • General

        You are the lucky owner of a ticket for Hype'O Dream festival 2024! Print your ticket and bring it to the main entrance. You will receive a wristband before entering the festival ground. The main entrance is situated in the Oosterlaan.

        • Friday from 15:00 until 01:00 AM
        • Saturday from 12:00 until 01:00 AM
      • STAGES
        • Friday: Mirage (Mainstage) - Mystery (party) - Fantasy (hiphop & R&B) - Nightmare
        • Saturday: Mirage (Mainstage) - Flashback (retro) - Mystery (party) - Encore (deephouse & techno)

        The minimum age is 16 years (birth year 2008). Bring your ID card. At all times someone from the CREW or SECURITY may ask you for identification. If not available you may be denied access to the festival ground

      • CASHLESS

        You will receive a bracelet at the entrance which you can top-up with food & drink tokens using Payconiq. If you have a voucher for tokens you need to upload your bracelet at the foreseen desk.

        There will be NO CASH handling on the festival site.


        Police authorities will perform random drug-control actions at the entrance. Possession of Drugs = End of festival. No exceptions.


        Take precautions for your ears. We advise to wear ear plugs. There is a special stand (De Tuut van Tegenwoordig) where ear plugs will be distributed for free. If you’re not feeling well, please visit the “first aid” stand or “EHBO”. Take your time to chill out, eat some food and drink some water.

        The EHBO is located near the entrance. See floorplan for exact location.

      • WI-FI

        Lost your friends ? Or do you want to share on Facebook how much fun you are having? There is a 4G/5G network at the festival site so you can stay connected.


        Prepare for all weather conditions, especially rain. So bring something warm and dry.
        If sunscreen is needed do not take a spray-on, also no deodorant-sprays, perfume-sprays or other liquids above 100ml. You can also purchase some clothing articles at the Merchandise shop. In case of heavy rain a limited amount of free poncho’s will be distributed at the bars.

      • LOCKERS

        There will be lockers available at the festival ground (see floorplan for exact location). Reservation for lockers can be done in the ticket shop on our website https://www.hype-o-dream.be

        • The charge for a medium locker is 7,50€ ex fee
        • The charge for a medium locker + charge functionality is 9,50€ ex fee
        • The charge for a large locker is 11,50€ ex fee
        • the charge for a XXL locker is 17€ ex fee

        We have brand new merchandise. Sweaters, sunglasses, caps, T-shirts and more cool stuff.


        When showing your disabled card you have access to the VIP Parking next to the festival site. You may enter the festival using the CREW ENTRANCE which is located near the VIP Parking.

        Zoek jij iemand die samen met jou van het festival wil genieten? Misschien vind jij wel een festivalmaatje via www.circuitsortie.be.

    • Reusable cups
      • Systeem herbruikbare bekers. Hoe werkt het ?
        1. Aan de ingang ontvangt elke festivalganger één ECO-TOKEN (→ combi tickets ontvangen twee ECO-TOKENS)
        2. Betaal je eerste consumptie en geef één ECO-TOKEN (per consumptie)
        3. Bij de bestelling van een nieuwe consumptie geef je één lege beker, PET flesje of blikje in return. Bij verlies betaal je 1 HOD coin extra (= 1,45€).
        4. Even geen drankje nodig ? Je kan steeds een lege beker, PET flesje of blikje inruilen voor een ECO-TOKEN aan één van de 'Cup Return Points'.


        • Je kan aan de bar nooit meer tokens of drankrecipiënten inruilen dan het aantal van uw bestelling
        • Een ECO-TOKEN heeft op zich geen monetaire waarde en kan dus NOOIT ingewisseld worden voor drank, eten of geld
    • Cashless
      • What?

        "Cashless" is a contactless payment system. It will facilitate your spending during the event (drinks, meals, merchandise, etc.).

      • How does it work?
        • Step 1: Register a secure cashless account online using your ticket barcode.
        • Step 2: Add the amount of money that you want to top up.
        • Step 3: When you go to the event you will exchange your e-ticket for a wristband/card that has your money loaded on to it. You can skip straight to Step 5!
        • Step 4: If you haven’t created your online account in advance, no problem! Just go to https://www.hype-o-dream.be/ca... and create an account OR go to the dedicated event top up bank and add funds to your wristband.
        • Step 5: You're now ready to get purchasing on site!
        • Step 6: If you still have money on your wristband after the event, you can apply for a refund from July 20nd until August 2nd by following the correct steps below.
      • Do I have to register?

        No, but we highly advise it! This will allow you to:

        • Top-up your account at any time on the website or in the festival app (and avoid queue on festival cashless banks).
        • Check spending history (and the one of your family’s, using different wallets from the same cashless account)
        • Register your credit card details and top-up easily
        • Block your wristband should it be lost
        • Easily reclaim any money not spent post-festival.
      • What happens if I lose my cashless wristband/card?

        As your account is linked to your wristband/card, you can block it by visiting the information point onsite. You can get a new wristband/card which will be credited with the balance of the chip you have blocked.

        If you do not create an account, blocking your wristband/card is impossible as we won’t have the unique reference number.

      • How do I recover the balance of my cashless wristband/card after the event?

        If there is money left on your wristband after the festival (min 1.50€), you have from July 20nd until August 2nd to make your refund request. When you apply for a refund there is a 1.45€ / 1 token fee.

        If you have created a Cashless account to ask for your money back you have to login to your account via the festival website and press the button « Refunds ». Your bank account will be credited at the end of the month.

        If you did not create a Cashless account then in order to reclaim your balance, you must create a Cashless account. Create your Cashless account by entering:

        • Your full name
        • Email address
        • A password
        • The barcode that is on your e-ticket
        • Your Bank credit card information

        Once logged into your account, click the « Refunds » button. Your bank account will be credited before the end of the month. Do you have questions? Having trouble with your account? Do not hesitate to contact us via cashless@hype-o-dream.be

    • Ticket info

        You can look for an answer on this FAQ: https://customerservice.paylog...

        If you still haven't found an answer you can submit a request to our ticket provider: https://customerservice.paylog...


        The confirmation mail is sent immediately after completing the payment. It may take a few minutes before it reaches your email address inbox. If you did not receive it after 10 minutes, please check your spam folder as it might have ended up in there.


        You can receive your tickets again by requesting it in this link!

        It may happen that you cannot find the confirmation email of your order. This email contains the link to download or retrieve your e-tickets.

        We recommend you to check your inbox thoroughly also including your “Spam” folder.

        Note: The confirmation and follow-up emails are sent to the email address that was used to place the order. Therefore, in case you have not received the notifications, you can try checking your other usual email accounts. It may happen that you placed the order using a different email.


        Unfortunately it is not possible to complete a halted order. It is not possible to redo a failed payment. Uncompleted orders will be canceled automatically after a few moments and the tickets held in the order will go back on sale right after. The best thing you can do is to try to place a new order.

        Here are some suggestions that will hopefully help you successfully place a new order. You can try to place the order using a different payment method, a different browser (in our experience, Google Chrome works best) or you can try again from a different computer/IP address.

        Sometimes you may have left the payment process due to a loading error, internet connection issue or a window that is accidentally closed.

        If you are in doubt if your order was completed keep the following in mind:

        • When an order is completed with payment, a confirmation email is sent to the email address that was used to place the order in a matter of minutes (exceptions to this are Bank Transfer and PayPal payments)
        • When an order is not completed with a payment, it expires and becomes automatically canceled. In this case, you should attempt placing a new order.
        • Debit card Payments (also via iDEAL and Bancontact/Mister Cash), when successful, are immediately reflected in your account. However, some delay for our account to receive it and emit the confirmation may exist.
        • It is not recommendable to perform numerous attempts without certainty of their success or failure.


        • Free parking nearby the entrance
        • Access to the elevated deck @ Mirage stage (partially covered)
        • Bottle service available (premium brands)
        • Free premium toilet service


        • Free parking nearby the entrance
        • Access to the HOD DReam Village
        • Access to the elevated deck @ Mirage stage (partially covered)
        • Access to the elevated deck @ Flashback stage (partially covered)
        • Spectacular view on Mirage & Flashback stages
        • Bottle service available (premium brands)
        • Free premium toilet service

        If you cannot find your ticket(s) anymore or if you have lost the confirmation mail including your ticket(s), you can request your confirmation mail to be sent again via this link.


        Yes, you can give or sell your ticket to another person. If you want to resell your ticket(s) you can use Ticketswap. This is a safe, fair way to resell and buy unwanted tickets which aims to prevent fraud and high resale prices. You can find more information about how it all works here!


        If you want to resell your ticket(s) you can use Ticketswap. This is a safe, fair way to resell and buy unwanted tickets which aims to prevent fraud and high resale prices. You can find more information about how it all works here!

    • How to get to the festival?
      • BIKE

        The easiest way to get to Hype'O Dream is by bike. There is a FREE bike parking near the main entrance. Even though the parking is guarded we strongly recommend to close your bike.

        Opening hours:

        • Friday from 14:00 until 02:00 AM
        • Saturday from 11:00 until 02:00 AM
      • TRAIN

        Make a smart choice and come to the festival by train! Waregem station is only a 10 minutes’ walk from the festival site.

        After the festival on Saturday July 13th, an extra night train will run from Waregem station to Poperinge. Boarding these night trains is only allowed with the corresponding Hype'O Dream train ticket. Your purchase is valid as a reservation.

        The special Hype'O Dream train ticket is yours for only € 16,50 return. The ticket is valid for an outward journey by regular train in 2nd class to WAREGEM station and the homeward journey by an extra night train.

        Buy your ticket via nmbs.be/hypeodream as from June 19th. The number of tickets is limited. Don't wait too long!

        All info and conditions on nmbs.be/hypeodream.


        Get ready to party without a care at Hype'O Dream! We're all about the ultimate experience where fun, music and safety blend seamlessly. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our partner Get Driven, who will make sure your journey to the festival is as smooth as the beats we'll be groovin’ to!

        Get Driven is an innovative service that provides professional drivers to take you wherever you want to go in your own car. With their reliable network of drivers, you can arrive at your destination relaxed and safe. Best of all? No stress about parking or finding a sober driver.

        As a special treat, all Hype'O Dream attendees can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount with Get Driven! Simply use the code GDHYPODREAM10 when booking your ride.

        Book your ride now using our easy-to-use app, so you can focus on what really matters: dancing, partying and creating unforgettable memories!

        Download the Get Driven App here:

      • CAR

        Opgelet werkzaamheden :

        De brug in Zulte (statiestraat) zal afgesloten zijn. Alle verkeer komende van Zulte moet omrijden via Sint-Eloois-Vijve en de Vijfseweg. Omleiding volgen richting Waregem.

        If you come by car you may use the following parkings :

        • Parking Jeugdcentrum (free)
        • Parking EXPO (free)
        • Parking P1 and P2 at the backside of the train station (Boulezlaan) (free from Friday 12PM till Sunday)
        • Different parking possibilities in the city : parkereninwaregem.be

        We recommend carpooling in order to diminish the traffic load. There will be a number of Kiss & Ride zones in the Oosterlaan.

        The Premium Parking is nearby the festival site. Only accessible with valid ticket (hard copy premium pass or printed Premium Parking ticket).

        On Friday the parking nearby the entrance is also available for regular tickets at 15€/car (full = full).

    • Rules and regulations

        If you enter Hype'O Dream you declare to agree with the following house rules:

        • We comply to a zero tolerance policy concerning drugs and aggression. At the festival entrance there will be a search for weapons, drugs and other forbidden objects. Non-compliance with our zero tolerance policy will result in removal from the festival ground.
        • It is not allowed to smoke in closed areas (tents). Only outdoors
        • Minimum age is 16 (birth year 2008). Make sure you carry your ID card with you at all times
        • Minimum age for alcoholic drinks is 16
        • Minimum age for liquor drinks and cocktails is 18
        • The organization will not take back any food/drink tickets
        • Visitors enter the festival ground at their own risk. The organization is not responsible for any kind of damage, both physically and mentally
        • The organization is not responsible for theft. Be careful what you do with your personal belongings
        • Deliberately damaging or stealing Hype'O Dream’s or other property is prohibited
        • It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival site with the following items : own food or drinks, drugs, fireworks, fire- and stabbing weapons, glass, spray-cans or other dangerous objects. You may get a body search by the security staff. Infringement will be penalized. Access will be denied and the local authorities will be alerted if necessary
        • After 0H00 the organization has the right to close the entrance and decline visitors. Even if you have a valid ticket you might not be granted access to the festival ground
        • When you enter Hype'O Dream, you automatically agree to the possibility that you might get filmed or photographed during the festival. These images will be registered or stored and can be used by the organization to promote the event
        • Visitors of the festival have to be properly dressed. A football jersey and/or discriminating clothes are not allowed.

        The safety of our visitors remains a top priority.

        In order to have a safe festival we encourage everybody to read and follow the safety instructions.

        Small backpacks and bags are allowed on the festival ground but will be inspected at the entrance.

        Please open your bag and show the content to our crew.

        Before entering the festival you will be searched by our security team.

        The following items are strictly forbidden :

        • Beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
        • Glass
        • Plastic bottles
        • Cans
        • Drugs
        • Fireworks
        • Weapons/knives/explosives
        • Sharp objects
        • Folding chairs
        • Non-drinkable liquids > 100ml such as perfume or deodorant
        • Drones or other professional camera equipment
        • Drinking bottles or camelbacks
        • Large backpacks > 50cm
        • Umbrellas / parasols
        • Animals
        • Promotional items (posters, flyers, stickers, gadgets)
        • Any other object that can be considered dangerous by the organization or security

        Tip : We advise you to come light packed. Do not bring unnecessary items. Leave your bags at home as much as possible. Be prepared for various weather conditions.

    • Camping rules

        Our camping regulations apply as “internal regulations” of Hype'O Dream festival. Every person who buys a camping ticket declares that he agrees to all these regulations.

        As a HOD-visitor, you can get pre-searched. Access will always be denied to those who not co-operate, without any refund. Only visitors with a valid camping bracelet or camping ticket are allowed at the campsite. The campsite is strictly forbidden for people who are born in 2009 or later. ID and age can always get checked by the security. Digital ID or a photo of an ID is not valid to enter the campside.

        HOD-campers can use the following services: toilets, showers, free drinking water, phone charging point and the BBQ-site. There is no power supply for camping visitors to the tents.

        Always follow the guidelines from the campsite hosts, security, emergency services or the HOD-organization. In case of discussion, the manager of the campsite has the final word. Use your common sense and don’t bring others in danger!

        Please follow the instructions from the campsite hosts while placing your tents and keep emergency exits, emergency paths and passageways free. Follow these instructions, otherwise, you can assemble your tent twice! The campsite hosts can move misplaced tents without permission of the owner.

        There will be live music during the opening hours of the campsite.

        Every day, @3AM, we'll close the bar and stop the music.

      • Parking

        If you come by car you may use the following parking:

        • Parking Jeugdcentrum (free)
        • Parking P1 and P2 at the backside of the train station (Boulezlaan) (free from Friday 12PM till Sunday)

        There will be a Kiss & Ride zone nearby the camping site.

        • Cars, bikes and trailers (If you plan to come by caravan or mobil home, contact us, we will give you access to the special area created for you)
        • Shopping carts (only wheelbarrows and trolleys that fit through the visitation gates are allowed.)
        • Glass or other sharp objects (including glass jars with food)
        • Tapping plants (only canned drinks are allowed)
        • Gas cilinders
        • Sound equipment
        • Open fire between the tents (barbecues can only be used at the barbecue area)
        • Car batteries, power groups or generators
        • Pets, except guide dogs for persons with visual disabilities
        • Drugs or other narcotic substances or substances that can be used as drugs
        • Weapons or items that could be used as a weapon
        • Being disturbing under the influence of any drugs (including alcohol or medication)
        • Fireworks
        • Pasting promotion (flyers and posters) from other events without permission from the organization
        • Any form of verbal and non-verbal aggression

        Campsite visitors stay at their own risk on the campsite. The organization is not responsible for any physical or material damage.

        When you violate the rules, you lose the right to residence at the campsite AND the festival without refund of any fees.

    • Communication

        We have sufficient (cocktail) bars, toilet groups, food corners, a cigarette stand, merchandise and of course first aid / medical help. Check out the floorplan in the Hype'O Dream App for all detailed information.


        Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for the latest news and updates about the festival.


        Be aware of pickpockets ! Keep an eye on your bag/phone. If you see anything suspicious, go to the security and report it.